"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."


Species: Daeren
Current Age: 65
Equivalent Age: 25
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Gold

Young and headstrong, he charges into everything with a gleam in his eye. He grew up as a wild child, running the streets of his home city with a gang of fellow delinquents. When he was of age he and his best friend, Spencer, joined the ranks of the Daeish Resistance and quickly became warriors. A few years later they split off to form their own cell and continue the fight against the Scorsia Confederate, who had conquered their planet and people 150 years before.
His personality is such that he is flighty when it comes to relationships and before now he had never even considered staying with a partner beyond the first few encounters. However, Kristoph seems to have inspired a change in him and he has thrown all his effort into changing his ways.

Kristoph von Werner

Species: Human
Current Age: 75
Equivalent Age: 29
Hair Color: BALD
Eye Color: Brown

An old soul, he is cautious in all his dealings. The adopted heir of the von Werner family. From an early age he was bred to become a perfect politician and soldier. He rebelled in small ways but his upbringing was strict enough to limit such outbursts and mold him into what was desired. He is of generic human stock but his adoptive family is one of the few to still claim funeral lands on Earth and can trace their name back beyond the Abandonment.
While he had come to terms with his preferences at an early age it was a non-issue for most of his life simply because he had yet to meet someone with whom he wished a relationship. Asher's wild ways regularly confuse and exhaust him and it isn't unusual for him to worry that one day he will be abandoned.

Ophelia van der Reeves

Species: Human
Current Age: 63
Equivalent Age: 24
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

A blood child among the elite of the Scorsia Confederacy is rare; a second blood child in the same family is even rarer. She is one such child and as a consequence has been dutifully spoiled. Growing up in the shadow of her perfect sister Desiree, upon the age of majority she purchased her own space vessel 'The Houdini' and went into service as a privateer. She and her crew frequently overtake luxury cruises and other defenseless ships in flashy displays meant to taunt the Emperata de Galactica.
She acts like a child more often than not but displays a disturbing amount of intelligence when necessary. Her persona is off putting to most people and she had latched on rather fiercely to Stephanie who seems for the most part unfazed by her antics.

Stephanie Lorelei

Species: Human
Current Age: 70
Equivalent Age: 28
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

The eldest of 8, she learned early on that patience is truly a virtue and acted as surrogate mother to many of her siblings who were oft ignored because of their large family size. She followed in the footsteps of her father and when she had graduated from her academy she entered a medical collegia to become a shipboard doctor. Originally she was assigned to a military vessel but Ophelia pulled strings to force her onto the Houdini.
She often finds herself acting as a mediator between Ophelia and the rest of the universe, a role she doesn't mind at all.

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