Chapter Two:
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Dark Days

Far in the future mankind has long since expanded their borders into space. Great empires have formed to consolidate the far flung planets into single entities. One of these is the Scorsian Confederacy, a place rife with diverse lifeforms, cultures, and rebellion. Overseeing all of this is the absolute aristocracy, of which Kristoph von Werner was a part. Daeren children are never raised by their parents, and Asher was no exception to this. He ran wild in the dilapidated streets of Connacht before falling in with the freedom fighters of Erris. War is brewing on the horizon and the peace of Scorsia is fragile at best. Their enemies are circling like wolves, waiting for them to falter. None of this matters though when Kristoph arrests Asher and finds that he can't quite condemn him to the harsh justice awaiting the daeren. In a moment of desperation he frees his captive and together they run. ~*~ Contains coarse language, violence, and a variety of sexualities (yes, there's BL and GL). All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



We're back to updating (for realsies)! We don't have a set schedule as of yet since we're waiting to see how the fall will treat us. Dani-Dono has started another semester as an overburdened art student and magpieblack is sewing every costume in existence in a vain effort to make money.
Our current strategy seems to be, that we update as much as possible before real life gets cray-cray again. It will help that we are living together now. It is a vast improvement over being 250 miles away from each other >.>

We were agog at how much attention our resurrection received and hope that all of you continue to stay with us. You will not be disappointed~

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Some of you may have noticed that Dark Days has been on a lengthy hiatus. This semester has been far busier than I had anticipated. Just these past two weeks have been extra crazy in their own right. HOWEVER. Part of that craziness was preparing for a booth in the artist alley at Anime Detour this weekend. So, if you happen to be attending that con, Em and I will be there with the first printed copies of the first chapter of Dark Days. :D There is some print-exclusive content, including some chibis and a couple of pages of production sketches. We'll also be selling these online sometime in the immediate future. They're going to be about 5 USD each, and I may offer a custom sketch (the subject being of your choosing) in pen for another 5 USD. If you want to reserve a copy, please message me on smackjeeves or email me here.

Dark Days WILL continue. It may take another month for things to settle down for me, school-wise, but we will be returning without a doubt. Em and I have been developing this comic for years - we're not going to just dump it. However, being students, it does take a backseat to school obligations. It's unfortunate, but it happens.

So we apologize for the hiatus, and we thank you for your continued support.
(Also - 300+ fans, woohoo! 8D)


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New Look

You guys may have noticed that the website looks very different. Such an observation would not be without merit. After three months I'm already dissatisfied with my art from chapter one. XD Ah, the artist's perpetual curse. So, to keep things fresh, I'll probably be updating the website's look once a chapter, incorporating the chapter cover into the masthead's design. We'll see. I'm pretty happy with how it looks right now, but knowing me I'll hate it by the time chapter three starts. OTL

Next victim will probably be the smackjeeves banner. >.>

Also: thank you to everyone who comments (and favorites, and reads, and lurks....). I'm a shy S.O.B., so I don't always know how to reply, but I just want you guys to know that the author and I appreciate everyone's feedback and support. C: My day has been made so many times over.

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Facebook Fanpage

Hey guys! The fanpage is finally getting off the ground! Now you can 'like' us on FB! We'll be posting art and more there on (hopefully) a regular basis, as well as updates on what is really going on in our lives in relation to this comic.!/pages/Dark-Days/200941269961892

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Nebraskon was pretty damn awesome. We ran an artist alley table for the first time and even met a couple people who've heard of our comic <3 Our next convention will be Anime Detour at the end of March (so if you'll be there come say hi).

The first chapter is just about done and we're hard at work getting the next chapter ready for you. Expect gratuitous amounts of Asher without a shirt.

-The Author (I do exist!)

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Alright, I was planning to update the comic this week, but that doesn't look to be happening. I have way too much on my plate this week between school and getting ready for Nebraskon (this weekend!), and my ride bumped up our schedule by almost twelve hours, so it's pretty much impossible to get the new pages up. The rest of this chapter is penciled, and all that remains is inking and shading. I apologize for the delay, but Dark Days WILL be updating on Monday, one way or another.

If this update seems a little disconnected/hard to read, it's because I'm in the middle of sewing. Brain = elsewhere. Sorry again!

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Some of you may have noticed a change in the comic. I WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME YOU TO THE WORLD OF SEPIAAAA! I like it better. I think it lends the comic a certain je ne sais quoi. It looks less stupid, anyway.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the quiet beginning. Buckle your seats, ya'll, 'cause shit's going to hit the fan pretty soon.

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August is prep month for the initial release of Dark Days. Hopefully chapter one will be finished by the end of this month (the first four pages are done, and the first ten pages are written), and September will be dedicated to chapter two. The website is basically done, although I would not put it past me to think of new things to tweak as soon as this is posted. I'll be posting larger files of each of the cast images in our deviantart group between now and September 1st.

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